Creating art is a form of meditation and spiritual dialogue for me. Within the human subconscious, there is a world of images; a wealth of connections and memory, built layer upon layer. As a reflective person, I am compelled to search through these images for meaning and significance.  As an artist, I seek to refine this information and create personal work with substance and beauty. In the sharing of this work with an audience, the personal then becomes universal.

  The wellspring of my inspiration can be found woven with threads culled from scientific studies of the universe and its relationship to art and spirituality. This includes the study of astronomy, permutations of geometric forms, archaic time keeping devices and the graphic appeal of cellular structures. These investigations permeate my drawings, prints and collages, which juxtapose line, shape and color in complex compositions based on time and emotion.

  I work in series, usually in a specific medium, to address formal aesthetic concerns and also to create a narrative based on abstraction. The titles of my series or of individual works are important links to the visual commentary found in my work.

  The meshing of my creative impulses with a concentrated studio practice, influenced by the ever changing world of science, forms the network of my art making. Science informs the artistic spirit, but this artist questions, enhances and employs it as a muse to inspire wonder, and to capture the complexities and mysteries of the invisible. Each of my works is a kind of prayer, a Book of Hours if you will, to be spoken out loud; a shout for joy, a supplication, a cry of alarm, and always a journey into everyday experience and emotion.

Artist Statement