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Creating Encaustic Collagraphs on Yupo

Falmouth Art Center

Saturday and Sunday, November 6 & 7 from 10am to 3:00pm

Using a combination of innovative printmaking materials, participants will create plates with hot wax on Yupo, a synthetic paper support. Images can be painted, stamped, textured, incised and scraped to produce a high and low plate surface ready to ink as either a relief or intaglio. These plates can be combined with monotype and drypoint, are economical, easily cleaned, stored and cut with scissors or utility knives. Akua soy base inks will be used on a variety of print papers including washi (Japanese paper). Both hand and press printing options will be explored as well as the use of multiple color plates, transparency and chine colle'. Part of the learning experience will include discussions of eastern and western papers, demonstrations, finished examples of all techniques and lots of individual attention. All are welcome, some print experience is helpful but not necessary.

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Waxing Poetic with Printmaking

An exciting online adventure to engage all the ways of using encaustic in printmaking. This expansive four-day session will include making encaustic monotypes, creating encaustic collagraph plates and printing these on many different papers including washi. We will explore printing by hand and press, relief and intaglio methods, eastern and western papers, and how to mount finished prints for presentation and sale. Many tips and tricks will be offered to insure your successful printmaking experience. Innovative materials like printing and stitching on Evolon will be introduced. Artists and printmakers of all levels are invited to attend this informational and fun class. (Dorothy will provide many handouts on techniques, step by step procedures and sources for materials.)

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