My work explores circular imagery that evokes science, spirituality and the invisible, positioning the viewer in art history and a diversity of cultures. The circle is my iconic image. In searching for a distinct abstract vocabulary, I find inspiration in sources such as solar systems, metaphysical thought, microscopic science and the bounty of nature. Blending these influences into visual form, I push for innovative methods to express the drama, vitality and truth that I seek to embrace. I work in series that combine content and technique with the gesture of the hand evident in the work.

Printmaking processes excite me. When engaging an image, there are limitless possibilities to choose from. I like crossing boundaries, experimenting and layering multiple techniques to discover the core meaning in my work. Each new process reveals truths about the marks and nuances of the plate and paper surface, adding to the enigma of the finished piece.

Trained in traditional print methods, I have found this foundation invaluable for breaking the rules, yet maintaining a high level of craftsmanship. Combining old techniques with new materials always pushes my work to become more than it has been, clarifying the themes I have worked with throughout my professional career. There is magic in the pressing of paper to plate, a birth and a marriage all at once. Experiencing that emotion is at the core of my practice with all of its ramifications. My studio is completely non-toxic as well as the venues in which I teach.